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Why choose a Nuclear Corporate Event?

With so many companies offering ‘corporate’ events it would be easy to conclude that they are all much of a muchness and many just clone a product and try to claim it as their own.

Not so with Nuclear Races. Being one of the longest established OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) companies we have the freedom to design and perfect our course and the obstacles that make it what it is – challenging, epic, fun and innovative. When the mud belongs to you and you have dedicated team that can design and build those obstacles on site you have a formula that establishes you as a leader in the OCR industry.

This passion for OCR has it’s benefits too – the people that make it happen; dedicated, knowledgeable professionals that have been together for many years and deliver events for over 8,000 participants at a time during the course of a year. This means that when you #TrustNuclear with your corporate event you can be sure that, as in business, the fulfilment of that trust is a given.

We recognise that every event is different, like the individuals taking part. Our aim is to create an event specific to your preferred options and format. The clue is in ‘Your Event’ so it naturally follows that it is tailored to your requirements.